9 Great Reasons to Learn Web Development and Further Your Career

 9 Great Reasons To Learn Web Development And Further Your Career

There are numerous reasons why web designers decide to go to school to learn new development skills. In most cases, they’re hoping to make more money or work a job that’s more fulfilling. Here are nine more reasons to learn web development to add more diversity to your web design skills:

  1. Learn a New Trade – In the world of web development, coding is a skill that brings value to your portfolio. Learning to code allows you to create custom websites for your clients and employers. But, you must learn how to code properly.
  2. Reach More Job Markets – As a web designer, you only have access to jobs related to front-end work. Add web development skills to your resume, and you now have skills to develop highly-functioning, high-performing websites. This opens you up to numerous more jobs locally, nationally, online and more.
  3. Employment Flexibility – Web developers are in high demand at non-development companies. These employers prefer to a person who knows both design and development, versus having to hire multiple employees to perform these jobs. You can also work directly for a development company, where knowing both will get you hire pay in many cases.
  4. Higher Salary Potential – Money is one of the number one reasons to learn web development to enhance your design salary. Near the Bay Area of California, web developers can average more than $90,000 annually. And, if you’re lucky enough to land a job with top-paying employers like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook or Google, you’ll have access to stock options to add to your income.
  5. Start Your Own Business – Thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, but not sure if your web design career will support you properly. Adding web development skills to the mix increases your chances of landing lucrative contracts with other entrepreneurs and small businesses. In time, you, your business and team will have what it takes to code for some of the biggest corporations in the country.
  6. Work as a Freelancer – Not everyone is cutout to punch a time clock every day. Others aren’t cutout for staff meetings and corporate politics. So, they choose to be freelancers. That way, they can take on projects they like, when they like, and answer to no one but themselves, and their clients, of course.
  7. Work from Home… or Anywhere – Freedom is one of the biggest reasons why people choose to become freelancers. Because the World Wide Web is everywhere, there are no limitations as to where you must work. As long as you have a laptop and internet access, you can design and develop websites from anywhere in the entire world.
  8. Low Start Up Costs – Code is not a physical product that requires shelf space and warehousing. Neither is your website, which runs 24 hours per day, on autopilot. To become a freelance web developer, there are no major startup or overhead costs to worry about, like building rent.
  9. No College Degree Required – Many people get discouraged about becoming web developers simply because they don’t want to spend four years in college. But, earning a bachelor’s degree is generally not a pre-requisite for getting a job as a web developer. However, to reach higher paying positions, it’s recommended to you attend a web development school and become a certified developer.

Reasons to Learn Web Development from Industry Experts

You can teach yourself how to design websites. But, to become a web developer that brings value to the industry, you need to learn from industry professionals. All of the faculty members at F.I.R.S.T. Institute of Orlando, FL have been in the business professionally for years.

From instructors to directors, students at F.I.R.S.T. Institute are surrounded by developers who know what it takes to succeed. Get hands-on experience using state-of-the art technology so you’re ready for real-world experiences right after graduation. Check out the Faculty Spotlights for more information.

There are numerous career paths for web developers and graphic designers. Web school prepares you for entry-level jobs within these paths. Learn from one of the best web development schools in Orlando. Check out the Graphic Design and Web Development Program at F.I.R.S.T. Institute and get started on your new career path today.

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